Foster Reeve: Architectural & Ornamental Plaster​ Mouldings

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Building Tradition for the Future

What We Do

Foster Reeve & Associates offers a variety of plaster products and custom design and installation services, which provide unparalleled options and superior quality for the conscientious project team and most importantly – the owner. With years of experience in the plaster business, and one of the largest architectural plaster mouldings catalogs in the world, Foster Reeve can supply all of your plaster needs. Let us help you bring your project to fruition with custom design, fabrication, and installation services all offered in house. We provide our services worldwide, with production facilities located in New York and California, so no matter where in the world you are, let Foster Reeve help you turn your ideas into finished projects.

Plaster Mouldings

Foster Reeve: Architectural & Ornamental Plaster works closely with the design community to develop custom plaster mouldings for specific projects. As plaster continues its renaissance in interior architecture, many designers have chosen to explore the boundless applications of ornamentation for which plaster provides. Crown mouldings, coves, door casings, base, chair rail, astragal mouldings, and panel mouldings are generated in the studio regularly. Our plaster mouldings can turn your project into anything, from a classical European interior, to a modern home.


At Foster Reeve: Architectural & Ornamental Plaster, we have a team of highly skilled sculptors specially trained in plaster ornamentation. We have a wide array or ornaments from previous projects that can be used for your project, or as inspiration to make custom ornaments that can be applied to everything from plaster mouldings to bas relief panels. From restoration to ornamentation of plaster mouldings, you can count on our team to bring your vision to life.

Plaster Wall Finishes

At Foster Reeve we advocate for integral colored plaster finishes as a substitute for painted surfaces. The advantages of integral colored plaster are significant. There is a substantial health benefit from replacing the chemical skin of a painted interior with a naturally healthful product. Gypsum is essentially the same as a seashell, in which much of life thrives on our planet, and that is why we at Foster Reeve primarily provide traditional gypsum based finishes. These finishes can be repaired relatively easily, and can be sealed and maintained using natural soaps and waxes. Lime washes are also an option that is a wonderfully healthy choice for a human habitat.


Over the years, Foster Reeve has brought to light the many ways that interesting plaster products can be incorporated into modern designs in innovative ways that add interest and character to the space. FRA Shapeform is a lightweight, GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) panel system specifically designed for large, complex assemblies. Though typically used for ceiling applications, shapeform is versatile and can be used for many vertical applications as well. Shapeform panels are prepared in the shop with pre-fitted provisions to mount lighting fixtures and integral HVAC grilles. Embedded lighting saves time and creates a higher quality finished installation.