stable & reliable

For all interior painted trim and ceiling assemblies, plaster is the most stable and reliable material to use. Plaster does not move with changes in humidity and temperature. FRA mud-set all mouldings to ensure a 100% monolithic connection to the substrate ensuring that mouldings never move or disengage from the substrate.


The gypsum used by FRA is as strong as stone and can be used for baseboards, casing, wainscotting, and paneling without concern about damage from everyday use.

low liability

Plaster is pure calcium and does not support the growth of mold nor does it not release toxins or off-gasses into the building. Our methods of installation use only natural, non-toxic materials. Using plaster for interior trim is a healthful and safe choice.

cost efficient

When building an elegant interior, plaster can achieve many of the intricate and complex details much more cost-effectively than other materials. Complex ceilings, such as groin vaults, barrel vaults, domes, and complex coffers can be pre-fabricated and installed quickly and efficiently. Since these components are hung from the rafters or joists, there is no framing required, leaving more room above for mechanical systems.

environmentally friendly

Gypsum plaster is pure calcium and is not only a healthy addition to the interior fabric of a home due to its anti-microbial nature, but it is also environmentally friendly if it were to ever wind up in a landfill.

versatile in design

From high classical to ultra-modern details the versatility of plaster is unmatched. Not only can plaster help achieve many typical designs more efficiently, it also opens the door for many difficult details to be handled with great effort.

lighting & hvac integration

Lighting can be easily embedded in plaster assemblies, even trims can be preinstalled in the factory to facilitate faster installation in concert with the electrical contractor. HVAC can also be integrated into plaster mouldings and ceiling assemblies, with the knowledge that temperature and humidity differences will not affect the product.