Period Homes – Eric Inman Daum Architect Creates a Private Mausoleum


A few years ago, Foster Reeve: Architectural & Ornamental Plaster worked with Eric Daum on creating a plaster dome for a private mausoleum in the New England Area. This project perfectly encompasses the different ways plaster can be incorporated into construction, and shows off what shapeform panels are capable of with the right company. The article from Period Homes explains what went into the projects from all aspects, with the excerpt about the plaster dome created by us can be found below the image.

Plaster Dome

The dome created by Foster Reeve from Eric Daum’s precise drawing represented a multifaceted challenge the team. Geometry, engineering, coordination, and, of course, a little sculpture. Beginning with site measurements, the team maximized the size of the dome for its relationship to the oculus above and to the as built concrete square at the bottom. From there they scaled the design to most closely match the architect’s intent. Selection of the ornament involved architect review of samples from our ornament library to choose the style from which to sculpt the precisely scaled elements. The egg and dart was carefully modulated to create perfect corners on the various panel sides. The installation of precast ceilings goes surprisingly quickly, if all the planning and shop work are properly executed. There is no framing to be built beforehand, and all coordination with adjacent or embedded elements is carefully mapped out in the shop drawings. Blocking and bracing are provided as needed during the installation, with location and design of the seams planned for ease of finishing. Delivering a finished product of this complexity, and having it quickly transform a raw interior into a finished space was especially rewarding to the team.

Original Article written by Kiley Jacques for Period Homes

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